[op25-dev] RE: Package gnuradio-core was not found error

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Wed Jan 15 23:54:25 UTC 2014

Hi Scott

 Thanks for the update.  First the diff between max-pybombs and max-trunking-update1 does not affect the pybombs installation process at all.  You just need to switch to the max-pybombs branch in order to get access to the recipes.  Once it's installed via either of the two max-* branches you can access the trunking stuff since that's strictly python code changes having nothing to do with pybombs.  The confusion should all go away once the recipes get pushed to master, then there won't be any need to call out a specific branch in pybombs at all.

 In order to set up the proper run time environment pybombs has a subcommand called 'env'.  So you would run
   ./pybombs env


 This will write out a file (it will print the file name) which you would then source using the shell (assuming bash shell and assuming pybombs writes out the file named /foo/bar/setup_env.sh), you would do
 source /foo/bar/setup_env.sh

 Once this is done you can then 'cd' to the op25_repeater/apps directory and you should be able to invoke ./scope.py as per the wiki page...

 Please let us know how you make out and if you have any further questions.



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