[op25-dev] RE: Package gnuradio-core was not found error

verymetl at hotmail.com verymetl at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 15 21:35:23 UTC 2014

I'm pretty sure I understand how this install process works now. Thank you for the guidance. I'm kind of digging the pybombs concept.

I chose to install the max-pybombs branch, which ended with an 'installation ok via: src' message. I wasn't able to save the install log, as terminal buffer was limited. I'm still trying to figure out where things are getting installed. But I'll figure all that out eventually...

One note about the OP25 recipes, there was already one named 'libitpp.lwr' in the default pybombs/recipe directory. Both files were different sizes, and I over-wrote the stock one. I should have compared the two, but I didn't.

I got curious about the max-trunking-update1 branch and pulled that down to check things out. I noticed that the recipe in that branch points to the max-pybombs branch. I'm guessing this is in error?

Thanks again Max!

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