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Balint balint256 at hotmail.com
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By r307 in the previous email I meant r219! (r219+patch = info on console)


Just to clarify (more info here <http://wiki.spench.net/wiki/OP25> ):


*         r307: apply patch to solve the BCH issue now present in the
current version of IT++ (i.e. why there's no audio).

*         r219: apply patch to add DES-OFB decryption and dumping frame info
to the console (includes BCH fix).


You can try applying the 'r307 patch' to the latest revision of the code and
see if it works... I haven't tried this yet.


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Hi folks,

A quick update: I've added to gr-baz <https://github.com/balint256/gr-baz>
some new OP25 blocks.

I've split up the combined 'Decoder' block into the FSK4 and actual decoder
(simple) parts.

I've also added the traffic pane - you'll see how it fits together in the

Make sure you back up your old GRC file before you update so you don't end
up in a nasty XML merge conflict!

For those people that aren't hearing any audio, check if the traffic pane is
showing you anything.

For those wondering about talk of patches, instructions are here:

If you use r307+patch, you can also check the console to see if decoder
information starts appearing to see if valid frames are being detected.


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