[op25-dev] Repeater Build

Doug Bade kd8b at thebades.net
Mon Mar 4 14:43:37 UTC 2013

                I am going to make a more scientific approach to the build,
I decided to dig into Asterisk docs about platforms, I am not sure how
tailored the Allstar Link versions of this is in their svn but will start
with baseline specs in the Asterisk docs.

                It looks like Zaptel should be able to build on any 2.6
kernel which means up to 11.04 or so Ubuntu, or CentOS up to 6.x should
work. A cannot recall how far I got on CentOS 6.x with allsar build but as
Allstar is based on CentOS , that may be the closest match.

                I am going to concentrate on getting Zaptel to build.. Can
someone tell me if ZTDummy is the only driver needed???? For a Sound card

                It looks like CentOS 6.x Debian 6.x and Ubuntu 11.x should
all be Kernel 2.6.x and in theory support asterisk repeater.. We shall see..

                If I can get that working next will be what it takes to get
GNURadio running.







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