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Thu Apr 19 23:20:00 UTC 2012



I haven't encountered that error message before myself. Is that in a GRC
flowgraph you fashioned, or when you run the sample one I have the
gr-baz/samples directory?


That block output (with the 'msg' type) must be used with the Message
Callback block (also in gr-baz) to handle auto-tuning messages sent by the
FSK4 demodulator. Alternatively, you can choose to switch off that output
port in the OP25 decoder block's properties.


Hopefully that helps - let me know!


PS: Regarding running audio_p25_rx.py, I have in the past used some variant


sudo ./audio_p25_rx.py -a -I hw:1,0 -g 15


'sudo' was necessary for creating the 'tun' device so I could capture frames
in Wireshark. '-I hw:1,0' was to select the second (non-default) sound card
(you could leave this off if using the default), and '-g' would have been
for the gain. YMMV!


I believe there is another example of a full command line you could specify
on the OP25 wiki. (You can also just put an '-h' on the end to explore the
available options.)


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Hi thanks in the op25 decoder block in GRC there is an error msg
>>> Source - tune(2):
Type "msg" is not a possible type.

And how the hec do i run the ./audio_p25_rx.py -a command in terminal
If you cant tell i am a complete noob.

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