Change in osmo-pcu[master]: pcuif: Submit data_req with len=0 as idle frames

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Mon Sep 27 08:58:06 UTC 2021

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Change subject: pcuif: Submit data_req with len=0 as idle frames

Patch Set 1:

File src/gprs_rlcmac_sched.cpp: 
PS1, Line 520: 	if (tx_is_egprs && pdch->has_gprs_only_tbf_attached()) {
> Is it safe to skip this block?
It is safe in practice I'd say. Ideally indeed one would set fn_without_cs14 to 0 as soon as there's no TBF to transmit, since anyway that means there's no GPRS TBF which needs receiving synchronization. With this patch, we leave the value set to last value since we don't pass over here. However that's not a big issue, since for this counter to be incremented there's need for 2 TBFs to be active: 1 EGPRS and 1 GPRS.
Hence, at some point before that scenario we'll go through here with 1 EGPRS TBF *OR* 1 GPRS TBF, which will end in "tx_is_egprs && pdch->has_gprs_only_tbf_attached()" being false, hence the counter is properly initialized beofre really being of need.

I agree though that it's more clear to set it always, so I'll move it after the "tx_pdtch" goto tag. 
PS1, Line 535: gprs_bssgp_update_frames_sent
> Is it safe to skip this call?
I would say it's not really an issue since there's no TBFs anyway. In any case the leak rate counting is quite broken afaict. I'll move it after the tag too anyway.

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