osmo-bsc default config file time-slot TS0 configuration CCCH+SDCCH4 understanding

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Mario Lucas mariolucas75 at mail.ru
Fri Sep 10 20:40:43 UTC 2021

Dear All,
Could you please advise me based on what logic (how) can i decompose logical channel configuration  CCCH+SDCCH4 which is mapped on TS0… ?
So my understanding is as follows:
There are 51 TDMA frames in multiframe, therefore i am having 51 consecutive TS0 slots. So  CCCH+SDCCH4 should be redistributed in these 51 slots.
SDCCH4 means that there are 4 SDCCH blocks, each block is having 4 bursts or 4 timeslots in another words (as i understand to transmit SDCCH «unit data» it is needed 4 burts), so 16 slots are occupied by SDCCH.
Does it mean 51-16 = 35 slots to be occupied by CCCH ?
If i use following notation CCCH=C, SDCCH1=S1, SDCCH2=S2, SDCCH3=S3 and SDCCH4=S4 does the decomposition looks like:
If so should not there be an idle slots … ?
Thank you so much.
Mario Lucas
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