PCU socket not connected, dropping message

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Mario Lucas mariolucas75 at mail.ru
Mon Nov 23 18:44:04 UTC 2020

Dear baseband developers team,
I built home gsm network with Osmo-stp-msc-hlr-bsc-bts, osmo-trx limeSDR.
I managed and registered phones. I did send sms between each other.
However when i decided to make a call — i noticed following message in terminal: «PCU socket not connected, dropping message».
I searched on Osmocom web site and it is said that pcu socket is involved in GPRS things (i.e. in internet).
Therefore why does such message appears when i try to make simple call between two mobiles — it has nothing to do with GPRS…
And what would you advise me how to resolve this ?
P.S. initially when i was about to start osmo-bts-trx i got message «PCU L1 socket failed» and i just renamed the pcu_bts file to some other name and osmo-bts-trx started.
Thank you so much for your kind reply.
Best regards
Mario Lucas
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