Perfect module (D751749ZHH)

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songbosi 79543015 at
Tue May 28 10:25:20 UTC 2019

Hello every one:

I am making a FAKE BTS defender(DOS of fake bts) since Jul 2017.

This product is used to detect and attack the fake GSM station(running openbts).

I use c118 at first and it work fine. But c118 is not a good idea for production.

I have disassembled many old GPRS modules , at last I found this module is perfect(D751749ZHH). Now I have 500 pcs left

This module have TCK/TMS/TDO/TDI ,I make a custom OsmocomBB firmware ,  only need modify some IO control for RF switch, there are some picture to share with you.

OsmocomBB is running on an ARM board

You can mail me 79543015 at , if you are interested in this :P
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