Free board offer to OBB developer with a CMU200

Craig Comstock craig at
Sun Apr 7 02:18:57 UTC 2019

Mychaela wrote:

> Now please present your story (meaning Craig) - how long have you been
> actively working toward your respective goal?  What do you have to
> show so far?

I have been working with osmocom-bb since around 2010, dabbling in porting 
layer1 to nutt-xand starting 2-3 years ago working more earnestly on 
understanding layer1 and porting it to fernvale. I have also worked on getting 
fernly (a small system for experimenting with similar commands like osmoload 
has) working on other mediatek chips like mtk6261, 6735 and 6737.

I have osmocom-bb firmware loading via fernly which has a working serial driver 
(fromfernly project) so I can get debugging out of devices like fernvale. I 
have more recently started to port the txburst command from uboot for the 
sciphone dream g2 (mtk6235) back to osmocom-bb. I have been studying the 
sources I have for mediatek devices and see many similarities and patterns that 
should work for fernvale(6260), sciphone (6235) and newer chips such as 6735 
and 6739.

So at this point I have some work that others did to transmit a burst on a 
specific ARFCN. This works on uboot for sciphone dream g2 and for some reason 
doesn't work when I port it back to osmocom-bb to start as a basis for layer1.

> Do you have an equivalent source of knowledge for MTK's DSP?

As far as I know there is no direct knowledge/sources for MTK's DSP but I 
haven't quite gotten to the point where I needed to know just yet. This is a 
very part-time endeavor for me so I do what I can.

There are some other people working on various aspects of mediatek devices 
including trying to get into the DSP. We generally chat/share things on matrix 

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