Bad crc

messiah cookins87 at
Fri May 18 20:33:56 UTC 2018

Hey thereAlready days working on osmocom...At last my compiler worked out on
firmware bin's compilation. So now i start with loader, all fine. But when i
was uploading loader from phone there was some issues like "bad crc" in all
lines. I noticed that it created file like 8kb in src dir, so to be sure i
checked other guys on web, they have same size of that file. So i decided to
continue and after i erased 0x01000 page i tried to reupload that file back
to check but it saying bad crc and aborting. Hope its not critical for menu
loading, which will used for layer1, rssi, etc.? Can somebody share with me
that native loader bin file, in case?

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