State of the "mass" tests

Holger Freyther holger at
Sat Jun 23 23:01:16 UTC 2018

Just a quick update/note. I made some progress on the "mass" tests involving osmo-gsm-testerm/osmo_ms_driver, mobile, virtphy, osmo-bts-virtual and the rest of the infrastructure. Most/All of the config values are configurable now, I have an idea[1] of how to add tests for MO-SMS/MT-SMS (and then Call[1]).

There is one issue that I need to understand/resolve:

lu_test: Tests done {all_completed=False, max=58.54871945299965, min=4.53902884299896}

In that specific case only 9/20 MS completed an Update Location within 60s. Maybe I am missing a state transition in the LUA code and don't report the success. I will need to understand this better.



[1] As "Location Update" is a mandatory requirement for each test I can rename the test as base and be done. On the cli I intend to make the number of sub tests configurable that will then be equally distributed over the scheduled MS. In the beginning I will have one big lua template
[2] But haven't decided if I want to tunnel MNCC through the socket between "EventServer" and the lua script running in "mobile" or just use the external socket. I think my preference is with the later.

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