Fw: Motorola C123 buy

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Mychaela Falconia mychaela.falconia at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 18:36:55 UTC 2018

Hi Babar,

> Would you please let me know how I can apply to get a subsidised board
> free of cost. What is criteria.

The first and foremost criterion for getting a subsidized board is that
the applicant needs to have NO interest in OsmocomBB, and be interested
primarily or solely in our alternative FreeCalypso firmware.  Having a
mild and passing interest in OsmocomBB is OK as long as it is outweighed
by a much stronger interest in FreeCalypso, but if your interest is
primarily in OsmocomBB, then you are NOT eligible for a subsidized board.

Given that your present inquiry began with seeking a Mot C123 phone for
the purpose of running OsmocomBB and not FreeCalypso (our firmware can
run on the C123 too, although not as well as on our own hardware), and
given that your first question upon learning of the existence of my
FCDEV3B hardware was "This board will work with osmocombb?", it is
pretty clear that your primary interest is in OsmocomBB, which makes
you ineligible for the subsidy program.

That being said, it will be another several months before I have the
new FCDEV3B V2 boards - thus anyone who is potentially interested in
applying for a subsidized board should use this time to thoroughly
familiarize themselves with FreeCalypso.  When the boards do become
available, anyone who wishes to apply for the subsidy program will
need to write an essay as part of their application; in that essay you
will need to explain in your own words (the more verbose, the higher
your chances of being accepted) what you know and understand about
FreeCalypso, how and why you like the project, and how you would be
able and willing to help the project if you get a subsidized board.

Because I will be funding the subsidy program out of my own pocket
(the full unsubsidized price for one board is $500 USD because that's
how much it really costs to make such boards in ultra-low volume),
there will be a limit to how many subsidized boards I can give out.
My current tentative plan is to set the subsidy program limit at 4
boards per year, thus if I receive more than 4 applications, I will
need to be highly selective in choosing the lucky recipients - hence
the more commitment you can make to the ethos and mission of
FreeCalypso (which are completetely different from Osmocom's), the
greater your chances of being a lucky winner of a subsidized board.

Mychaela N. Falconia,
Mother of FreeCalypso

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