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Can you help me?

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Hello, I am from Russia, can you help me with Filter Replacement!
I have to mobile, Motorolla C115 and C118. I was bye all elements to make filter replacement. Motorolla C115 look like your instruction and I was done filter replacement. Motorolla C115 nice work after it. But Motorolla C118 don`t look like in your instruction. I read: 
"Different circuit
Sometimes the input (at the bottom of the balun) is not with caps in series and a resistor in parallel. Instead it might be without the resistors in parallel and resistors in series. Remove the resistors and place 2x the appropriate cap in series (22 pF for GSM90, 15 pF for DCS1800". But I don`t understand what I must do. I do like my picture (С118_2.jpg), but after it Motorolla don`t work: No signal from Network.
Can you help me?

With Best Regards, Oleg Syvorov



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