adjust gnu arm toolchain directions for newer gcc (7.2.0-14)

Craig Comstock craig at
Sun Nov 19 05:41:47 UTC 2017

Hi all,

Just got a new laptop and was trying to build and run fernly (for fernvale/mtk6260) and found that arm-none-eabi toolchain from debian (9ish I think... PureOS is what I am using) doesn't run succesfully. This is a known issue. What really caused me trouble was when I went to use the gnu arm toolchain instructions on the osmocom wiki I ran into problems. My PureOS machine has gcc 7.2.0-14. I wonder if we should add some instructions to the wiki about patches needed and maybe update the shell script to automate these changes if we can isolate them to a particular version of gcc?

PROBLEM with cfns.gperf fixes

PROBLEM: a few tex problems in gcc docs, @tex should appear at a line beginning

PROBLEM: newlib.../libc/sys/arm/trap.S:88: Error: lo register required -- `sub ip,sp,ip'
FIX: add --disable-newlib-supplied-syscalls


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