Calypso vs. SDR PHY

Harald Welte laforge at
Sat Nov 18 19:30:23 UTC 2017

Hi Mychaela,

On Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 10:58:08PM -0800, Mychaela Falconia wrote:
> I naturally have my reservations about expending the effort to
> calibrate each hardware unit I produce with utmost diligence, only to
> sell them to people who are going to run firmware that completely
> ignores these factory RF calibration values and runs with some
> hard-coded off-the-wall numbers instead.

The source code is out there.  Apparently none of the (at some point many)
OsmocomBB users has ever seen significant enough need to research and understand
the format of those calibration tables and make use of them from OsmocomBB.

It's sad, but that's the state of affairs, even 7 years into the project.

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