Connecting OsmocomBB to OpenBTS

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Usama Muneeb usamamuneeb at
Sun Mar 26 17:00:59 UTC 2017

Dear Harald,

Thank you for the info! Yes that makes sense, since that is exactly what I
am seeing (forbidden PLMNs). I didn't know they are stored on the SIM card.
I mistook these for the available networks (since MNC and MCC is also
listed with these forbidden PLMNs).

I'm guessing I would need to perform surgery on OSMOCOM-BB code in order to
connect it to another network? Is there any in built feature that would
allow me to do so directly?

Lastly, is there any added benefit in using OsmoBTS over OpenBTS when it
comes to connectivity to the network?

Usama Muneeb

On Sun, Mar 26, 2017 at 3:36 PM, Harald Welte <laforge at> wrote:

> Hi Usama,
> "Osmocom" is a very large umbrella project, of which OsmocomBB is only
> one small part.  So when referring to OsmocomBB, please always use the
> full name, to avoid confusion. Thanks!
> On Sat, Mar 25, 2017 at 07:39:33PM +0500, Usama Muneeb wrote:
> > I recently set up OpenBTS which is working perfectly. I can make a test
> > call by calling 2600 using an Android phone.
> In case you're interested, you can also use the Osmocom stack
> (OsmoTRX+OsmoBTS+OsmoNITB) on the network side.
> > However when I try "show subscriber" in OSMOCOM, various BTS are listed,
> > with their MNC and MCC values but OpenBTS is not listed.
> I'm puzzled. Why would "show subscriber" list any BTSs ?!?  Please
> provide the actual copy+paste output of what you are referring to.
> From what I can tell, "show subscriber" lists the preferred PLMNs and
> the forbidden PLMNs as stored on the SIM card.  This makes sense, as
> they are attributes related to the subscriber.  But listing visible BTS
> on the subscriber somehow wouldn't even make sense, IMHO.
> Regards,
>         Harald
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