Creating GSM Users Association (GSMUA)

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thayyil09 yil thayyil at
Mon Jun 12 21:13:24 UTC 2017

> >>> it becomes offtopic 
sorry i will divert it now

>i said kidding
  because i felt  you worrried much like a kid  :) sorry laugh it off

> I don't know what you mean by "calypso bb", but OsmocomBB started

  while i writing your in mind so osmocom becomes calypso 

>  But when I tried it again earlier today
> while in the process of composing this response to you,
    thank you for spending your time on this 

> * According to the marketing info that I could easily find for this
> chip(set), it seems to be CDMA/3GPP2-oriented, 
no it supports GSm . source contain gsm related files. 
and practical realworld chips used in sony and lg supports gsm

>  Being able to build my own
> hardware starting from just chips is an absolute requirement for me,

yes i got it ..
your with a specific   hardware .

> Overall, it is pretty clear to me that we are on different paths with
> very different interests and goals.

sorry for last coments  i mistaken you as osmocom member from starting.
your right qcom leaks canot be complete replacement for calypso .

  but i suggested another way which dosent need datasheets or any hw info

# i suggested to add a compatiblity layer on top of layer1 code of qcom leak . ( do we need hw info )
  so layer2 3 of osmocombb can communicate with it.( if no hw specific info have to send recive) 

i agree its not much usefull for hw geek because 
datasheets unavialable   so custom board difficult (schematcs may avilabel because phones )
 and in softwear side extending  proprietery code and hosting only extended part related legal view is out of my knowlege. 

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