Phone not receiving calls

samir samir.s.abed at
Wed Jul 26 11:11:44 UTC 2017

I have attached a .pcap file showing a location update and then an originated call. 
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On Jul 22, 2017, at 1:45 PM, Vadim Yanitskiy <axilirator at> wrote:

> Hi,
> > Is it possible to manually give the MS a timeslot number to listen
> > to after it has performed location update ?
> Yes, you can. See the L1CTL_DM_EST_REQ in L1CTL protocol
> implementation. But keep in mind, that as soon as you switch
> your phone to another timeslot (other than BCCH), you will be
> unable to 'hear' Paging Requests.
> Regarding to your initial question, you was asked to provide the
> traffic dumps, but there are still nothing. So, it's still difficult to
> understand, what's happening on your side :/
> With best regards,
> Vadim Yanitskiy.

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