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> Hi all,
> 1) Is it possible to increase the number of phones from two to three or
> phones as TS in osmocom-BB?  plz answer just this question. I strongly
> it's answer, if NOT I STOP my working..
> 2) what's this ERROR : "DSP Error Status: 24"
> thank you.

Question 1:
If you are asking if a osmocom-TRX can increase its capacity to multiple
handsets by extending the
timeslot. I dont think that it is possible (I may be wrong), the handsets
are already working
beyond their intended capacity in osmocom-TRX.

Question 2:
Every incomming TDMA frame generates an interrupt function in sync.c called
The dsp_api structure is used to communicate with dsp from layer1.
If the DSP has encountered an error it puts the error code in
Currenlty dsp errors are printed to the users but generally ignored look at
the following
code-sample from inside of l1_sync:

if (dsp_api.ndb->d_error_status) {
        printf("DSP Error Status: %u\n", dsp_api.ndb->d_error_status);
        dsp_api.ndb->d_error_status = 0;

This means that regardless of what d_error_status it will be set to 0 and
the program will
continue as normal, you may consider this message a debug warning.

The file src/target/firmware/include/calypso/dsp_api.h details the
different error codes
available and their meaning.
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