Libre baseband

Marek Sebera marek.sebera at
Sun Dec 17 11:58:00 UTC 2017

Hello everyone,

Silly idea maybe, but would it be possible to port osmocom-bb for
mediatek/intel/qualcomm BBP and replace the current firmware with open one?

I presume it will be a tremendous amount of work, no doubts, but apart from
that, is it theoretically and technically possible? Given root and/or
hardware acces of course, we do not need to preserve the old firmware or
exploit the update process (ie. if specific cert signature is needed for
bbp-soc firmware update)

Note that we do not have to be limited by existing software access to
baseband, and we could use jtag/testpoints/wiring to access the BBP in a
way that will be necessary, similar to way libreboot is currently being

Thank you
Marek Sebera
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