[PATCH] mtk: fix firmware makefile to work with current osmocom-bb makefile system

Craig Comstock craig at unreasonablefarm.org
Thu Dec 7 02:39:02 UTC 2017

> My congratulations! Could you please write a brief (or more detailed,
> if you wish) description of the work you're doing, so I could create
> a dedicated wiki page? Or is one already there?


This wiki page would probably be good. It needs updating for sure since some of the git links for u-boot, linux kernel, initramfs image are dead. It seems they referred to git.osmocom.org projects which no longer exist. Not sure if those could be restored or not.

I would be happy to make very small changes to that page. When I get something working on fernvale and others we could probably create a wiki page for mt6260 mt6261 fernvale and whatever others make sense.



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