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Please send logs/outputs as text files (NO PICTURES please). Also if possible send small pcap files demonstrating your issue.

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2017. aug. 31. dátummal, 19:54 időpontban Mohsen Asghari <asgharimohsen at> írta:

> Hi 
> My name is Mohsen Asghari, master student in Computer Engineering
> I have to create a communication center based on GSM with OpenBTS,
> everything is OK, I have tested osmocom-bb with SMS in vty and it was perfect
> but there is call problem. in both of real and virtual network this problem is bothering me finishing my thesis
> can you help me understand whats wrong with my packages and installation?
> it is five months that I am trying to fix this problem but I cant.
> in the cm-service command I have a channel release from ms which the comments shows that the problem is about there is no free socket for voice....!
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> yours sincerely,
> Mohsen Asghari
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