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André Boddenberg dr.blobb at gmail.com
Wed Apr 26 12:04:39 UTC 2017

>> There are no tests in osmocom-bb yet, but I wonder if it would be possible to add
>> simple jenkins job which checks that arm cross-compilation for osmocom-bb
>> succeeds as a patch check?

Sure, as I see the necessary steps to do so are:

    1 - create a Jenkins gerrit-verification job that points to 2

    2 - add a verification script to the osmocom-bb repo in:

    3 - Create a Dockerfile that is capable to do the arm cross-compilation

>> Also, we need to have cross-compiler installed on the build machines.

Note: imho the smoothest solution for the current build slave setup to fulfill
           mentioned arm cross-compilation would be a Docker container,
           because it doesn't affect the current build environment at all.

I have sufficient permission and time to do 1, in case it's okay for
Holger and Nels?

>> I can take this task and try to write a Jenkins script.

And are happily collaborating on 2 and 3. Just let me know, how I can
support. :)


P.S.: For clarification my real name is André, my "nick" is "blobb"
and "Klaus" is just a fake name for Google, which I already changed to
the real one to not confuse this mailing list (anymore).

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