Fun with the MTK 6573 Baseband (Patching / Replacing)

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bruce lee bbsoo7 at
Thu Apr 13 02:39:15 UTC 2017


do you have the files mentioned at

and for your project, seem very interesting, and I would like to participate in.



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Subject: Re: Fun with the MTK 6573 Baseband (Patching / Replacing)

My target was Mt6735 in a Zte Obsidian. I chose it for 4g lte. I could root one and see if similar techniques work. My hope was to leverage leaked source for mt626x and hope to work my way up the chip models. I am currently working on porting osmocom-bb and nuttx-bb to fernvale/rephone/mt626x.

On April 11, 2017 4:39:46 AM CDT, RootZero <bbsoo7 at> wrote:

Markus and all,

I am very interesting in this project/hack.

can you share more information with US?

I searched lots web pages and do not find the source of mdlogger.cpp file.

I do have the source code of "modem.img" if you want please let me know.


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 with the MTK 6573 Baseband (Patching / Replacing). -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Hi, I'm Markus, a security researcher from Germany. I recently did some work on MTK 6573...

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