Fun with the MTK 6573 Baseband (Patching / Replacing)

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bruce lee bbsoo7 at
Thu Apr 13 06:49:43 UTC 2017

maybe  it is easiest  for developing on some boards which has UART port to look it boot up message.

some mt6572 based boards one can find on China market. they event can share code with us if we buy it.

it is android based.

so should/can we make a osmocom-bb based BP for this android board? or other smartphone?


From: Craig Comstock <craig_comstock at>
Sent: Thursday, April 13, 2017 3:21 AM
To: baseband-devel at; bruce lee
Subject: Re: Fun with the MTK 6573 Baseband (Patching / Replacing)

I don't have the files mentioned in that patch. They look very much like some part of an Android source code tree. So far I am working mostly not with Android at all... only osmocom-bb, nuttx, fernly and fernvale-nuttx.

My work on the newer MT chip in the ZTE Obsidian is a ways down the road. One thing that was VERY encouraging is that I have tested the beginnings of interaction with it's bootloader (as in the fernly project)
and it seems at least the initial MSG and ACK from the bootloader works the same as for fernly types of MT chips (6260/6261). So that might be a good starting point in terms of experimenting/fuzzing/???

Maybe you could find a custom rom source tree and find those files that are being patched.

In terms of participating in my project, I have a github repo and am primarily using the fernvale board I purchased from sysmocom as well as some mt6260/6261 based watches and the Seeed Studio RePhone.

So I'd say go get one or more of those things and start hacking on fernly, fernvale-nuttx, osmocom-bb and nuttx-bb (combo of osmocom-bb and nuttx).

I don't work too hard on the project. This branch is my latest not-working work in progress:

Contribute to osmocom-bb development by creating an account on GitHub.

I have since changed my strategy and so this branch will likely rot. :( But it might give some indication of what I'm up to.


On Wed, 4/12/17, bruce lee <bbsoo7 at> wrote:

 Subject: Re: Fun with the MTK 6573 Baseband (Patching / Replacing)
 To: "Craig Comstock" <craig_comstock at>, "baseband-devel at" <baseband-devel at>
 Date: Wednesday, April 12, 2017, 9:39 PM


 do you have the files mentioned at

 and for your project, seem very interesting, and I would
 like to participate in.


 From: Craig Comstock
 <craig_comstock at>

 Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2017 11:35 AM

 To: baseband-devel at; RootZero

 Subject: Re: Fun with the MTK 6573 Baseband (Patching
 / Replacing)

 My target was Mt6735 in a Zte Obsidian. I chose it for
 4g lte. I could root one and see if similar techniques work.
 My hope was to leverage leaked source for mt626x and hope to
 work my way up the chip models. I am currently working on
 porting osmocom-bb
  and nuttx-bb to fernvale/rephone/mt626x.

 On April 11, 2017
 4:39:46 AM CDT, RootZero <bbsoo7 at> wrote:

 Markus and all,

 I am very interesting in this

 can you share
 more information with US?

 searched lots web pages and do not find the source of
 mdlogger.cpp file.

 I do
 have the source code of "modem.img" if you want
 please let me know.


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