nuttx-bb layout? inside or outside nuttx?

Craig Comstock craig_comstock at
Mon Sep 26 03:03:44 UTC 2016

Thanks Harald,
I'll pursue side-by-side then as that seemed best to me also.

My plan was to start with an rssi app, do layer1 and get that working with mobile on a laptop, then work on porting mobile to nuttx.
I'll be working on an mt6260-based watch and an mt2502/6261-based rephone module primarily.

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Hi Craig,

On Sun, Sep 25, 2016 at 01:32:55PM +0000, Craig Comstock wrote:
> I am working on porting nuttx-bb to fernvale (mediatek 6260/6261). I was
> starting work with gnutoo's sources which seem to be pulling osmocom-bb into
> nuttx/apps/osmocomBB and yet I feel like previous nuttx-bb was using osmocom
> alongside nuttx (so that osmocom-bb is kept by itself). This second layout
> seems better to me... so that osmocom-bb is more "preserved" as-is. 

I agree, it would be bets to have it side-by-side

> I know there are differences in the code environments but it seems
> those could be handled by making macros in nuttx so that nuttx can
> compile osmocom code.

I'm not opposed to introducing macros / function tables / APIs /
whatever else in osmocom-bb to make it more portable.  So modifying
osmocom-bb is definitely possible - but it should always continue to
build + work "bare iron" outside the context of nuttx, at the very least
as long as that work regarding Nuttx hasn't completed fully for quite
some time.

Looking forward to your progress.

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