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frank.holtz at tutanota.com frank.holtz at tutanota.com
Fri May 13 10:45:31 UTC 2016


I am facing an issue with the mobile app inside osmocom-bb.
I checked with gr-gsm that my telecom operator changes the Kc ( by sending 
auth request)  every 5 events (call or sms).
But with the same sim card, I can see on Wireshark connected to the mobile 
app, the osmocom-bb phone received an auth request before every event. So my 
guess something causes the BTS to send a new auth request but only with 
osmocom-bb mobile app.
I checked the source code, i found the option "force-rekey". Even with this 
option in mobile.cfg disabled I got the same issue. I saw that when enabled 
this option set the key sequence to 7.

I tried with the latest version of osmocombb/libosmocore. Even with previous 
version from 2012 and last 2011 both osmocom-bb/libosmocore, different 
computer/ different phone (C123, c118 and c139), different cables (I use a 
shielded FTDI and a CP2102).

Has anybody faced the same situation ? Have you an idea from where it can 
come from ?

Thank you for your help


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