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Craig Comstock craig_comstock at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 29 04:44:04 UTC 2016

So I played around with the ZTE Obsidian I have and found that the fernly usb loader works somewhat. I dug into some android linux kernel sources for MT6735 and found some memory map-like files and read the data there with fernly usb loader and it's use of MT Bootloader commands. Next I think I'll try and see if I can parse out the vibrator control from linux and make it work via fernly, eventually get the fernly shell working and from there use their qemu remote debug method to poke around and start working on L1.

In the "gonkai to open source" blog post they mention cracking open the MT source and translating "facts" to their scriptic language. Does this seem viable?

When I get more working I'll push the changes and some info up to my github repo and post a message here.

If anyone has some ideas on how to start on this project please chime in.


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