Sv: 2G repeater/booster w/ osmocom-bb? or 3G w/ osmocom-bb?

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Craig Comstock craig_comstock at
Tue Jun 21 01:00:09 UTC 2016

I found a 1900 band analog booster/repeater to try.

> On Jun 20, 2016, at 2:32 PM, Erich Dachleger <edachleger at> wrote:
> Does anybody know if it would be possible to use some of the old vodaphone-femtocells together with openbsc/osmo-bts?
> RegardsErich 
>    Den Mandag, 23. mai 2016 11.46 skrev etienne . <etiennehelluy at>:
> Short answer: no & no
> 1 - A gsm repeater is an analog device. With osmocom-bb phones you would need to demodulate/remodulate bursts.
> This wi

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