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Вадим Яницкий axilirator at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 08:50:23 UTC 2016

Hello everyone!

During power measurement process we can see some messages like:

PM MEAS: ARFCN=8, 55   dBm at baseband, -83  dBm at RF

If I understood correctly, in this example received signal has
-83 dBm (about 5e-12 W) strength before amplifier and 55 dBm
(about 316.2 W) strength after one. It looks like the strength
of amplified signal should be printed as -55 (about 3.2e-9 W),
because 316.2 W is very high value. Am I right? Or is it internal
signal strength representation used by DSP?

С наилучшими пожеланиями,
Яницкий Вадим.
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