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phreaker1983 87078838964 at
Sun Dec 11 18:11:06 UTC 2016

I installed according to the official instructions
(, everything is going
smoothly until: Now wee need to configure [[OpenBSC]] and [[OsmoBTS]] to
work together with [[CalypsoBTS]].
# Create the configuration folder if it isn't exist yet
mkdir ~/.osmocom
cd ~/.osmocom
touch ~/.osmocom/open-bsc.cfg
touch ~/.osmocom/osmo-bts.cfg
Then init default configuration:
# Run [[OpenBSC]]
osmo-nitb -c ~/.osmocom/open-bsc.cfg-l ~/.osmocom/hlr.sqlite3-P-C
I created a folder .osmocom since it was not, then the command touch
~/.osmocom/open-bsc.cfg created empty file open-bsc.cfg , then I did :

osmo-nitb -c root/.osmocom/open-bsc.cfg-l root/.osmocom/hlr.sqlite3-P-C

and then there was an error (attached screenshot).

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