rx sensitivity issue

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robert robert.steve07 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 06:53:04 UTC 2016


I found out that the main reason for not being able to connect is TX power and not RX gain. By setting tx-power to ‘0' instead of ‘auto’ I solved my issue. Although I still think that the sensitivity is not perfect.

Best regards,

On Jul 30, 2016, at 4:31 PM, Vadim Yanitskiy <axilirator at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Robert,
> There are many possible issues, which can cause your problem.
> So, it would be good to see more details. Please, prepare two 
> measurements using cell_log application: one inside any
> building, and another one outside. Attach both outputs from
> the cell_log and from the osmocon.
> I have several phones, and some of them have different RX
> signal level. I think, it's due to individual calibration
> tables, which aren't used in OsmocomBB firmware.
> BTW: if your phone's case is open, make sure that antenna is
> connected to the phone's board.
> With best regards,
> Vadim Yanitskiy.

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