Osmocom Berlin User Group revival?

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Harald Welte laforge at gnumonks.org
Sat Sep 5 21:32:35 UTC 2015

Dear all,

After two years of intermission, I'm currently pondering to revive the
Osmocom Berlin User Group and would like to understand

a) who would be interested in attending?

b) which day(s) of the week would be preferred / not preferred?

Instad of "just" hanging out, chatting about Osmocom related topics etc.
I am interested in having actual topics for each of the meetings.  There
is no need for a formal presentation or anything like that, but at least
let's try to stay focussed on the topic for the first hour or so, and
then conclude with a more general chat towards the end.

Some of the topics that I would like to start with ASAP:

* sharing of knowledge regarding 3G and 4G protocol stacks (I'm looking
  a lot at this recently, and it is a good time to talk about what I've

* completing the work towards splitting osmo-nitb into osmo-bsc and
  osmo-mss - as a first stept towards adding RANAP/Iu to osmo-mss

* attempting to decode/analyze BVG bus/tram radio (TETRAPOL) using
  tetrapol-kit from http://brmlab.cz/git/tetrapol-kit.git

* are berlin S-Bahn trains actually still broadcasting their GPS
  position in MPT1327?

* moving ahead with AT91SAM3S based SIMtrace2 with MITM support

Let me know who is interested in joining.

In terms of venue I would suggest to again use the CCCB, unless somebody
objects.  We could of course also ask our friends at IN-Berlin or

In terms of schedule, I would actually want to go for bi-weekly again.

Happy hacking,
- Harald Welte <laforge at gnumonks.org>           http://laforge.gnumonks.org/
"Privacy in residential applications is a desirable marketing option."
                                                  (ETSI EN 300 175-7 Ch. A6)

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