segfault on bssgp test

Max.Suraev at
Mon Jun 1 13:58:11 UTC 2015

Pardon for multiple copies, but this is really curious: gbprocy test also fails for
me during OpenBSC build at gbproxy_test.c:1922 which also contains following
misterious comment:

/* TODO: The following breaks with the current libosmocore, enable it
	 * again (and remove the plain expect_msg), when the msgb_bssgph patch
	 * is integrated */

What is the status of this "msgb_bssgph patch" patch? Is there patchwork link available?

I suspect it's still unmerged because swapping the lines as instructed in comment
still results in crash with the latest libosmocore from git.

Commenting out both lines produce sane-looking output but the test expectedly fails
due to mismatch with expected output.

I wonder if should comment out the 2nd line until the libosmocore patch is merged or
perhaps consider merging the necessary patch?

22.05.2015 15:38, ☎ пишет:
> Hi.
> Anyone else experienced this with latest libosmocore from git?
> ./ $abs_top_builddir/tests/gb/gprs_bssgp_test
> stderr:
> MESSAGE to 0x7f0000ff, msg length 12
> 02 00 81 01 01 82 0b 56 04 82 0b 55
> All NS-VCs for NSEI 2901 are either dead or blocked!
> All NS-VCs for NSEI 2901 are either dead or blocked!
> BSSGP BVCI=0 Rx BVC STATUS, cause=Protocol error - unspecified
> BSSGP BVCI=1234 Rx BVC STATUS, cause=Unknown BVCI
> NSEI=2901/BVCI=2989 Cannot handle PDU type 34 for unknown BVCI, NS BVCI 2989
> Unable to resolve NSEI 4660 to NS-VC!
> Assert failed rc >= 0 gb/gprs_bssgp_test.c:229
> /home/user/source/libosmocore/tests/testsuite.dir/at-groups/19/test-source: line 25:
>  8497 Aborted                 (core dumped) $abs_top_builddir/tests/gb/gprs_
> bssgp_test

best regards,

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