osmocommBB and USRP2

g0tcha g0tcha at 3gp.za.net
Sun Jul 19 10:26:00 UTC 2015

Thanks of rthe response

But can you clarify what is the difference between the 2 ? My impression was
that the USRP2 can do all the osmocomBB can do and more.

Are you saying that the osmocomBB firmware can do a lot more ?

I am reffering to the sniffing capabilities, I know that detecting
neighbouring cells etc can't be done with USRP2 I usually use a nokia 3310
with netmonitor.

Any clarity appreciated

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2015. júl. 19. dátummal, 12:02 időpontban g0tcha  írta:

> Hi
> Just to clarify and understand the osmocomBB is only a cheaper alternative to
the USRP2 , currently the USRP2 can do all the osmocomBB with all its DSP
patches etc etc can do?
> regards

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