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Mon Jul 13 06:15:26 UTC 2015

Hi everyone, 
First of all congratulations for the community's work, i've seen Talks about gsm/osmocom/Core network (Karsten, Harald, Sylvain, Tobias). It's impressive.
I'm pretty new in the GSM world.
I would like to practice tests concerning the obtention of LAC,CID (1/ of the phone using osmocombb, 2/on regular phone in same area of the osmo-bb phone 3/on a phone somewhere)
According to the talks this can be achieved using MAP/SCCP and core network access, but i dont really want to mess with this.
Can O-bb helps me to retrieve this LAC,CID informations in these three situations? (for the first case, i'm sure it can.)
According to gsm protocol stack ( ) we can see that the BSC is able to talk with MSC using BSS MAP/SCCP does that mean that i actually need to use openbsc on a phone
and osmoBB on another phone to achieve my tests?
For all of this, will i find a good starting code in sylvain/burst_ind branch? will i need non standard baud-rates serial cable? (You guessed it right, i still not have ordered my serial cables).
What i've done so far is getting E88 device and compiled the core libs and bb.(i really start)
I know my questions are pretty noob compared to all other messages in this list, please accept my apologies if i'm posting in the wrong list.
Thank you in advance.

(Playmobile, en avant les histoires)

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