[PATCH] GSMTAP: handling LTE RRC and MAC messages

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altaf sk altaf329 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 22:31:45 UTC 2015


This patch

1. can handle LTE RRC messages and call respective dissectors

2. can handle LTE MAC frames, fill in the struct mac_lte_info and then call
the mac-lte dissector. Following the GSMTAP header, there is a 15 byte
mac_info which is needed to fill the struct mac_lte_info.

The size mac_info need not necessarily be 15 byte. But these 15 bytes are
necessary for the lte-mac dissector to understand the frame. 15 byte header
is used by the LTE_FDD_EnodeB application from the openLTE project.

There is also a patch for gsmtap.h.

Please let me know your comments.


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