ML backup idea

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Max.Suraev at
Wed Jan 14 09:03:08 UTC 2015

Hey folks.

In a light of latest collapse of mailing list I have a proposal for backup
communication channel. It have rather limited capacity and reachability but it's
extremely reliable in case of electronic malfunctions. It's called "real-life
meeting" ;-)

I suggest bi-weekly format, time and place is up to discussion but I'm ok with what
it used to be before. We can also have 2-way proposals - some folks can suggest
topics they would like to present while others could suggest topics they would like
to ask questions on. When enough of those match together - we have a meeting.

As a starter - I'd like to ask questions on 1) call forwarding support in OpenBSC 2)
BTS emulator.


best regards,

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