AMR support and B_PLAY_UL

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Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at
Sun Aug 23 15:08:52 UTC 2015


> I tried to add simple AMR support in osmocombb project. I tested it with C123 (DSP API v 36). I set AMR config from assigment command, set AMR detection thresholds, make sync, etc.
> It looks like downlink works fine, but I have problem with uplink: it send data directly from microphone and ignore data in dsp_api.ndb->a_du_1 even if I set dsp_api.ndb->d_tch_mode|=B_PLAY_UL. Also, I can see uplink data on dsp_api.ndb->a_du_0 like B_PLAY_UL is fully ignored.
> Did anyone have that issue before? I know that AMR codec is more complex that TCH, but did someone know a way to send custom data from host using AMR codec?

TBH I'm not sure anyone tried AMR at all ...

Can you post the diff you're using atm ?

AFAIK The v36 DSP has buggy AMR support and the normal firmware loads
some DSP patches to make it work properly.



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