[PATCH] SAP client - revisited

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Tomcsányi, Domonkos domi at tomcsanyi.net
Thu Apr 23 16:01:15 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

I'm following up on this conversation:

It seems like there was no movement in this topic in the last couple of years, so I decided to go ahead and integrate Nico's SAP client into the current master branch and created a patch from it.
I tested it (with Kevin's softSIM and a pcsc reader), it worked for me, however it is currently quite ugly: it kind of hand crafts the msgb structure (in l1ctl.c, patch line 121), sorry for that, but I kept getting extra bytes stuffed into the msg that was passed to the sap_interface so I decided to manually go around the problem.
I'm of course open to any suggestions to get it cleaner, and then if you think and decide so it could be merged into the master (as far as I see.

One thing however that I think is strange, and worth mentioning: I'm not sure why Nico decided to implement the switch between phone and SAP-client inside of l1ctl.c, for me it would feel better to do it in sim.c (since sim.c deals with SIM activities, l1ctl should deal only with L1 stuff...also the current SAP client calls back to sim.c, but receives data from l1ctl - little bit confusing), but I left it as is because of not knowing exactly the thoughts behind it.

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