Sylvain testing branch

R M rm.engineer84 at
Sat May 17 18:41:43 UTC 2014


I am trying to build the Sylvain testing branch. I am facing an issue
there. What I did is as follows:

1. I got the Sylvain testing branch to my computer.
2. I tried to build it and it failed saying that it cannot find the
libosmocore library.
3. I changed the top most Makefile to install libosmocore after building.
4. Again I tried to build and it built and installed libosmocore but
now Its complaining about  osmocom/core/talloc.h not found in sim.c in
layer23 folder
6. As per the top Makefile, talloc is disabled in libosmocore but
sim.c file does not have conditional include for this header file.

Is this a problem or I am doing something wrong ?


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