Useful article on patching Nokia DCT4+ firmware

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Tue May 6 17:55:56 UTC 2014

Andrew Tipton wrote
> Hi folks,
> Came across this article in the latest PoC||GTFO journal describing (part
> of) the process for patching firmware on Nokia DCT4+ phones.  The good
> stuff is pages 22-29 of this file:
> Alas, this does not appear to permit patching the first 1MB of firmware,
> so
> may not be helpful for OsmocomBB.  But perhaps someone with more time on
> their hands can take this and run with it...
> Cheers,
> -Andrew

That was indeed a very nice and entertaining find. Also the many links 
within that document should let you find both useful code and 
contacts. Furthermore, what is interesting is that it also provides 
a historical perspective of the xgold modems, which should be useful in 
paving the way to deeper studies in the more modern versions.

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