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neetesh saxena saxenaneetesh061 at rediffmail.com
Wed Jan 22 11:00:10 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

Here, i wish to know the answer of a basic question. When I uploaded the firmware onto the mobile phone (with ./osmocon command), I can start other application programs like CCCh program, mobile program in other terminals.

My problem is when I am doing it I can see that the layer1 is uploaded onto the phone but I am not able to switch on my phone. When I again press the red button to start phone, it again starts getting uploaded layer1.

When I terminate the command of uploading firmware and start my phone then I am not able to view of SIM details and it shows me "service is unavailable" or "administratively down".

My question is we need to continue run the terminal with ./osmocon command (for uploading layer1) or i need to stop it after uploading layer1 once onto the phone. When to switched on my phone ?

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