Aw: pirelli dp-l10 stuck

Sun Aug 24 12:33:11 UTC 2014

Hi Richard, 
I didn't specify details because everything working properly, 
beside its just stuck while running mobile application probably during cell sync. 
Its not charger case, its something different. 

Beside this if we are talking about charger battery is charging anyway, it doesn't matter osmocom or no osmocom loaded, its USB. 
But the problem is usb power less (its limited to 100mA) then phone power consumption. 
do lsusb -v 

Bus 001 Device 020: ID 0489:e003 Foxconn / Hon Hai Pirelli DP-L10 

Device Descriptor: 

bLength 18 

bDescriptorType 1 

bcdUSB 1.10 

bDeviceClass 0 (Defined at Interface level) 

bDeviceSubClass 0 

bDeviceProtocol 0 

bMaxPacketSize0 64 

idVendor 0x0489 Foxconn / Hon Hai 

idProduct 0xe003 Pirelli DP-L10 

bcdDevice 1.00 

iManufacturer 1 Silicon Labs 

iProduct 2 DP-L10 

iSerial 3 0001 

bNumConfigurations 1 

Configuration Descriptor: 

bLength 9 

bDescriptorType 2 

wTotalLength 32 

bNumInterfaces 1 

bConfigurationValue 1 

iConfiguration 0 

bmAttributes 0x80 

(Bus Powered) 

MaxPower 100mA 

MaxPower is 100mA. 
this is an issue. 

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Hi Yuri 
You need to be waaaaaaay more specific of what you have done, and what you have seen. 
I have not noticed any problems, except the fact that the phone is not charged when Omocom programs are running. 
This means that when the battery is dead, you will loose power. 
The phone recognizes that it is charged (default FW) and boots into charging mode. 
CU, Ricsi 
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everybody has same trouble that pirelli stuck after some usage ? 

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