Pirelli phone charging function in osmocom-bb

Richard Menedetter ricsi at gmx.at
Sat Aug 16 19:40:31 UTC 2014

Hi List

I have just reactivated my Pirelli Osmocom phone, and recompiled osmocom-bb.
(after rolling back libosmocore it works great)

But can it be that charging is not implemented on the Pirelli phone with OsmocomBB?

When I attach the MiniUSB cable, I can upload the code great, but when I leave it running for a longer time, it booted into the default charging pirelli screen.

I assume that the battery is not that good any more, and it seems that it is running on battery power instead of on USB power.
When I upload the RSSI app to the phone it shows me an empty battery icon in the right.
(Pirelli SW showed completely full battery icon)

Can somebody confirm that the pirelli phone is not charging in osmocom-bb?

Is there a chance tha somebody is looking into this anytime?

CU, Ricsi

PS: Is it still correct that the jolly/test branch is the best for 2 phone transceiver (for OpenBTS/OpenBSC)?
This branch should support 2 phones.
But as half rate channels are not supported you can only make one call.
(ie not possible to make a testcall without going over SIP)
Is this information still valid?

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