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TSAREGORODTSEV, Yury yury at bridgecommunication.co.uk
Sat Aug 16 13:15:17 UTC 2014

anyone has experience to use application mobile on pirelli ? 
there is no layer1.compalram.bin for this model, 
any ideas how to run app mobile? 

Sincerely Yours, 
Tsaregorodtsev Yury 
Bridge Communication Billing & Settlement Plan Limited 
Fernhills Business Center, Foerster Chambers, 
Todd Street Bury, Gtr Manchester, BL9 5BJ 
United Kingdom 
Tel: +441570200000 
ICQ: 622719210 
MSN: y.tsaregorodtsev at live.com 
Skype: tsarik-108 
web: www.bridgecommunication.co.uk 

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