Usefulness of the Calypso (was Re: seL4 is open source now)

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Tue Aug 5 18:58:21 UTC 2014

I think this desire is recognized. I remember an initiative some years
back, started with some enthusiasm, that never got passed the stage of
deciding on NuttX as the OS to use, and forking it.

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> Someone (not clear who) said:
> > > [...] The calypso is just to outdated to be interesting
> > > for anything 'useable' beyond pure hacking-fun.
> I violently disagree with that statement.  I personally carry a
> cellphone for one and only one purpose: so I can call my significant
> other (soon to be wife) and she can cell me at any time.  A handset
> based on the Calypso chipset does this job wonderfully, and is IMO
> the optimal tool for the job.
> But the problem is that at the present time there does not exist any
> cellphone at all, of any kind (dumb, smart, old, new, whatever) that
> can make and receive cellular phone calls using only Free Software, as
> defined by the Free Software Foundation, i.e., providing the user with
> the most essential Four Freedoms:
> Hence I am currently forced to use a cellphone that runs proprietary
> firmware, such that I lack the ability to fix any of the UI design
> flaws that constantly drive me nuts.  This situation causes me severe
> distress, hence I have committed my hobby time and cash budget to a
> multi-year project to solve this pressing (for me) problem.
> OsmocomBB is not a solution: it works wonders for "hacking-fun" (the
> wording in the comment I'm responding to), but is utterly useless for
> a practical phone which one can carry around in a pocket or purse: my
> back just isn't strong enough to carry a supersized backpack containing
> a full PC for running the L23 stack plus a bank of lead-acid batteries.
> Hence I need a totally different Free Software GSM handset
> implementation, one that actually runs on the phone itself with proper
> power management exactly like the original proprietary firmware.  And
> because no one else is working on such a thing, I started my own, and
> made quite a bit of progress:
> But I am using the same Calypso GSM chipset for my project as OsmocomBB
> uses, simply because it is IMO the optimal tool for the job at hand:
> allowing a person to communicate with his or her significant other by
> way of cellular phone calls.  The word "outdated" does not exist in my
> vocabulary; I evaluate a tool based on how well it does the job, rather
> than some arbitrary irrelevant criteria like manufacture date stamps
> or whatever.
> Viva la Revolucion,
> SF
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