Motorola C139 V1.9.24 Won't Load from osmocom-bb

Rusty Dekema rdekema at
Sun Apr 6 22:51:39 UTC 2014

On Sun, Apr 6, 2014 at 5:54 PM, Christophe Devine
<devinechristophe at> wrote:
> Rusty,
> I'm unsure, but it's possible mot931c might be sensitive to timing issues.
> At first I tried with portmon running, and it would fail. I could finally
> get it working after a couple tries. Note this was using XP on a real host
> (not a VM). But as the tool was made specifically for tracfone, thus it's
> likely the payload would not work on other carriers.

That makes sense; I was running it on a win7 non-virtual machine. I'll
snag a cheap tracfone one of these days and see if I can do anything
with it. I'll try to find the most dinged-up one I can; hopefully it
will be old and not completely locked down :).


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