bad crc when trying to flash application

Andreas anmu at
Mon Sep 30 16:44:54 UTC 2013


I have problems flashing applications to the motorola c123. I tried it with several phones. Booting and running applications via USB is working well, but unfortunately flashing does not work. Following both of the tutorials (flashing and flashing_new) the command "host/osmocon/osmoload fprogram 0 0x010000 compal_loader.bin" outputs:

Loading 8192 bytes of memory at 0x10000 in chip 0 from file compal_loader.bin

bad crc 9bf1 (not e0bc) at offset 0x00000000
status 5242976, aborting

The memdump-command seems to work - I get a file compal_loader.bin with an md5sum of f59dee5a67b4114251acd0d279eacd85. The "funlock" and "erase"-command seemed to be successful, according to the output of osmocom ("Unlocking block at 0x00010000, meaning 00010000", "Erasing block 0x00010000...done") and the fact, that the original firmware does not load anymore, when erased :-)

I am using debian 6.0 (32bit) with a cross-compile-environment setup as described on to compile osmocom. The libosmocore has Patch 5b6416a729b46aab8ac7ea25a7ec91f3afeaf4fc (latest master-Branch), but I am using  commit f2ab5e14967426f4845b51def4d9105af22f9ad2 from the master-branch of osmocom, because with the latest version of osmocom, the phones would not boot - I get only an output of "got 2 bytes from modem, data looks like: 04 81  ..", then osmocom exits.
The motorola c123 is connected via USB-Hub and an CP2102-Cable I got from sysmocom.

Could anybody please give me a where the error is or what else I can try to solve the problem. Thanks for help.



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